Prepare Your eCommerce Platforms for the Holiday Season

Prepare Your eCommerce Platforms for the Holiday Season

Cybersecurity during the holiday season is a major concern for businesses across all sectors, but it’s especially critical for e-commerce companies.



As we prepare for increased shopping, Cyber Monday bargains, and exclusive online promotions, cybercriminals and malicious actors are hitting their busiest time for carrying out scams and successful breaches. Many seize this «profitable» period as the ideal opportunity to conduct cyberfrauds, employing tactics like social engineering, malware, ransomware, and targeted DDoS attacks on either customers or the businesses themselves.




According to an e-commerce security report, it’s evident that this industry has been the primary target for three consecutive years. During the holidays, DDoS attacks not only increased significantly, but some reports even suggest a staggering year-over-year rise of over 200% in 2021. Moreover, ransomware attacks affected 44% of organizations.




In this ongoing cat-and-mouse game, as e-commerce businesses embrace ever-evolving technologies to maintain competitiveness, the attackers are also enhancing their skills and uncovering fresh vulnerabilities to exploit. To safeguard their systems and customers effectively, companies must take a proactive approach by detecting scams, minimizing their vulnerability exposure, and having robust recovery mechanisms in place for potential attacks. Staying one step ahead of adversaries involves a deep understanding of e-commerce security best practices and remaining vigilant for various types of potential threats.




The CyScope community stands prepared to assist your organization in identifying weaknesses within your e-commerce platforms, including mobile apps, online payment systems and third-party providers.




To minimize the risk of cybercriminals infiltrating your networks and carrying out malicious actions, CyScope provides the assistance of a reliable community of ethical hackers. They actively search for security vulnerabilities in your crucial assets, making the process of addressing and mitigating these issues more efficient and ultimately bolstering your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture.




If you’re committed to elevating your company’s security standards, don’t hesitate to register today! It’s a quick and free process that won’t consume more than a minute of your time. Our team of ethical hackers will consistently assess your platforms, and we will only get in touch if we discover a valid vulnerability.

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